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4 Habits That Are Destroying Your Teeth
added on: July 31, 2017

Even if you brush twice a day, floss each night, and visit our dental office in Clinton Township at least twice a year, you may be doing other things that could be damaging your smile… and you may not even know it. Today we’d like to talk about some of… Read More

How to Spot Receding Gums
added on: July 13, 2017

Receding gums is one of the most common ailments that the patients at our dental office in Clinton Township experience. While gum recession is treatable, it can still be painful and sometimes scary to wonder what is going on inside your mouth. In this blog, we’re going to cover how… Read More

What Does Your Smile Say?
added on: June 29, 2017

A healthy smile is definitely a powerful tool. It can change the mood in a room. It can convey confidence and professionalism, even if you’re not feeling it. You can hear someone smiling over the phone, without even seeing their face light up. Our dental office in Clinton Township knows… Read More

I Haven’t Seen The Dentist in Years. Now What?
added on: June 21, 2017

At our dental office in Clinton Township, we generally advise patients to see the dentist regularly, about every six months, to help maintain excellent oral and overall health. However, sometimes things happen in our lives and we just forget to keep up with appointments or schedule a checkup. We see… Read More

5 Favorite Treats That Can Crack Teeth
added on: May 23, 2017

There are a lot of things that can cause tooth damage. We’ve seen cracked teeth from sports injuries, loose teeth caused by clenching and grinding, and there’s always the chance for us to treat someone for a simple cavity. But at our Clinton Township dental office, it’s also pretty common… Read More

Different Types of Dental X-Rays
added on: May 15, 2017

We get asked a lot of questions at our dental office in Clinton Township, and we don’t mind answering them one bit! We believe that the more our patients know, the healthier their smiles will be. One of our more frequent requests is for more information on dental x-rays –… Read More

All About Oral Cancer
added on: April 27, 2017

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, and our dental office in Clinton Township thought we should dedicate a blog this month to help educate our patients and community on the prevalence of oral cancer in America, what increases someone’s likelihood of developing the disease, and how to spot signs of… Read More

Reasons You Can’t Get Numb at The Dentist
added on: April 20, 2017

At our dental office in Clinton Township, we always want to ensure our patients’ comfort. One of the ways we do that is by numbing the area we need to work on before we begin treatment. But sometimes we encounter someone who has difficulty getting numb. Why is that? We… Read More

In Case of a Dental Emergency, Read This Blog
added on: March 23, 2017

The last thing anyone ever wants to deal with is a dental emergency. Dental emergencies, like any type of unexpected issue, can be scary, painful, and even confusing as to how to handle them. At our dental office in Clinton Township, we want to help our patients and neighbors understand… Read More

How a Dentist Becomes a Dentist
added on: March 13, 2017

At our dental office in Clinton Township, it’s no secret to our patients that we really love our jobs. Dentistry isn’t only rewarding because we get to boost people’s confidence and get them smiling again after smile transformations, but also because we help keep people healthy. To us, dentistry is… Read More

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