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Is Chocolate Bad for Your Teeth?
added on: December 13, 2017

This may first appear as a silly question to ask your dentist in Clinton Township. Popular opinion would answer it with a resounding, “Yes, chocolate is bad for your teeth. Obviously.” However, our Clinton Township dental office has a slightly different position when it comes to chocolate and your oral… Read More

Don’t Let Holiday Stress Affect Your Oral Health
added on: November 28, 2017

Late November is when we gear up for a few weeks of feasts, family, fun, shopping, and all that the holiday season brings. Between arranging schedules to see everyone you need to see, fitting in all the parties you’ve been invited to, cooking large meals, and everything in between, it’s… Read More

Kick the Habit: Tips to Help You Quit Smoking for Good
added on: November 16, 2017

Everyone is most likely aware of the countless health problems that can result from a smoking habit. But quitting isn’t always easy. This month, as we help recognize the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout, held every year on the third Thursday in November, the team at our Clinton Township… Read More

Find Relief From Your Dental Fear
added on: October 31, 2017

Dental fear is incredibly common among adult Americans. In fact, an estimated 80 million Americans have some level of dental fear. While the team at our dental office in Clinton Township certainly understands that being afraid of the dentist is a very real thing, we also always want to try… Read More

Celebrate National Dental Hygiene Month with Your Clinton Township Dentist
added on: October 17, 2017

Every October the American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA) and the Wrigley Oral Healthcare Program (WOHP) sponsor National Dental Hygiene Month to both recognize talented dental hygienists everywhere and to drive awareness to the importance of practicing proper oral hygiene. Of course this is a celebration our Clinton Township dental office… Read More

What’s a Dental Night Guard?
added on: September 27, 2017

So you’ve just had your six month dental checkup and you were told you need to consider getting a dental night guard. What exactly is a dental night guard and what is it for? The team at our dental office in Clinton Township is here to explain. What’s a Dental… Read More

How to Choose a Dentist in Clinton Township
added on: September 18, 2017

Whether you’re new to the area or just looking for a new dentist, choosing the right practice for yourself and your family can be an intimidating process. It’s important to know that not all dentists will be a good fit for your unique needs. But don’t worry, there’s a practice… Read More

5 Things Your Clinton Township Dentist Wants You to Know
added on: August 30, 2017

At our dental office in Clinton Township, a large part of what we do involves educating our patients and community about all things related to oral health. While we’re always ready and willing to talk about dentistry, there are some key elements that we feel are the most important for… Read More

3 Reasons Your Child Should See the Dentist Before School Starts
added on: August 25, 2017

At our dental office in Clinton Township, we believe preventive dentistry is the best way to protect our patients’ smiles. That’s one reason we always recommend seeing us at least every six months. And when it comes to the children in our community, we also believe in getting each one… Read More

4 Habits That Are Destroying Your Teeth
added on: July 31, 2017

Even if you brush twice a day, floss each night, and visit our dental office in Clinton Township at least twice a year, you may be doing other things that could be damaging your smile… and you may not even know it. Today we’d like to talk about some of… Read More

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