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On-Site Denture Center
We love our Clinton Township patients. It’s why we go out of our way every day to make your dentistry a little more comfortable, a little more beautiful, and a little more convenient – and our on-site denture center definitely supports that goal!Most dental offices do not have this amenity. Actually, running an in-office dental lab means more work for dentists. Here’s the thing: we think it is worth it because YOU are worth it!

When we can stay in complete control of the restoration process from start to finish – plan, design, create, and place our own precision-made, precision-fitted dentures, we are ensuring that you receive the most beautiful and comfortable denture solutions available today. Custom created by our own lab technician in our on-site lab, or, depending on the circumstances, by one of our trusted U.S. labs.

Every denture is made to fit both your appearance and your bite to blend perfectly into your smile and keep your mouth balanced.

Never Go Without a Smile

Masters Family Dentistry has worked so hard to perfect the denture experience. The primary purpose of our on-site lab is to keep our denture patients smiling.

Even if you are not a candidate for implants or implant-retained dentures, when you rely on Masters Family Dentistry for your dentures and their upkeep, you will discover a world of difference in comfort and fit. In fact, they are so beautiful, most people confuse their look for the smile you were born with.

These dentures also focus on whole-body health. When the teeth of your dentures are the right length, in an ideal position, and functioning properly for ideal jaw position and bite, you will find that you can speak more clearly, experience less discomfort, and rarely suffer from chewing fatigue.

But you don’t have to start from scratch with our custom dentures to experience the ease and convenience of our on-site lab.

Even if your dentures were made by another dentist or lab, we can take over their maintenance. That means you never have to wait for your dentures to be sent away for relines and repairs – just bring them to us and we can custom fit them, make any necessary adjustments and improvements, and send you home with the teeth you depend on.