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All About Asthma and Oral Health
added on: May 23, 2018

Asthma is a scary, chronic disease that affects over 20 million adults and more than 6 million children in the United States. If not managed and treated proactively, asthma can make it difficult to breathe, cause the chest to tighten, and can even lead to death. At our dental office… Read More

National Women’s Health Week
added on: May 9, 2018

In just a few days we’ll celebrate National Women’s Health Week which kicks off appropriately on Mother’s Day, May 13th. This seven day celebration serves to raise awareness of the importance of following healthy habits for women of all ages. At our dental office in Clinton Township, we know that… Read More

Play Hard & Protect Your Smile
added on: April 26, 2018

Each April, several dental associations join together to sponsor National Facial Protection Month. The goal is to raise awareness on the importance of wearing a mouthguard while participating in sports. As the weather warms up and more and more people start playing sports, its timing couldn’t be better. At our… Read More

Oral Cancer By The Numbers
added on: April 16, 2018

It’s scary when anyone mentions the word cancer, and oral cancer is no different. A serious and sometimes life threatening disease, oral cancer affects thousands of Americans each year – yet awareness and education regarding its seriousness isn’t often talked about. This Oral Cancer Awareness Month, the team at our… Read More

4 Things You Need to Know About Calcium
added on: March 23, 2018

When most people think of calcium, they often associate it with building super strong bones. While that’s certainly part of its benefits, the team at our dental office in Clinton Township also knows that calcium is crucial for a strong smile, too. But before you start diving in to a… Read More

The Importance of Good Nutrition for Good Oral Health
added on: March 19, 2018

Every March, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics celebrates National Nutrition Month to raise awareness on the importance of eating a healthy diet for overall health. At our dental office in Clinton Township, we want to do our part and take this opportunity to also share the oral health benefits… Read More

Don’t Forget About Your Pet’s Oral Health
added on: February 23, 2018

The team at our dental office in Clinton Township is committed to providing our neighbors with top-notch dental care so that each and every patient not only has a healthy smile, but a beautiful one too. However, there are some members of our community whose dental health is often overlooked…we’re… Read More

American Heart Health Month & Its Link to Dentistry
added on: February 15, 2018

You may be wondering why your dentist in Clinton Township is choosing to talk about heart health. As a dedicated member of your medical team, we’re not only concerned with keeping your teeth and gums healthy, but rather we’re committed to keeping your whole body healthy. And it just so… Read More

5 Signs That It’s Time to See a Clinton Township Dentist
added on: January 25, 2018

While we always recommend visiting your dentist at least every six months, there are times when people fall out of the habit and miss a few appointments. Oftentimes a move to a new city or even a fear of the dentist can make it all too easy to pass on… Read More

Are You Wasting Money on Whitening Toothpastes?
added on: January 17, 2018

We all want to have a bright white smile. And to get it, we often turn to the toothpaste aisle at the local grocery store where there are boxes and boxes of toothpastes that claim to whiten teeth. But the one thing you want to know before you buy is… Read More

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