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Artful Tooth Bonding in Clinton Township

added on: February 11, 2013
Masters Family Dentistry in Clinton Township

One of the most versatile methods for restoring or refining a smile is tooth bonding. If you’ve had a tooth-colored filling placed, or any quick cosmetic dentistry, then you’ve probably experienced dental bonding.

Dental bonding in Clinton Township seems like a simple process. But it requires advanced training, technical skill and artistry to create a bonded surface that is nearly invisible on your natural tooth.

Dental bonding is nothing short of amazing. It can be used to:

  • Fill cavities with non-metal, tooth-colored restorations
  • Recontour the shape of a tooth or close minor spaces between teeth
  • Lengthen a tooth that is shorter than the rest of your teeth
  • Cover a badly stained tooth
  • Repair a broken or chipped tooth

Tooth bonding involves applying a moldable resin, which has been tinted to match your teeth. It is carefully sculpted and shaped to ensure that it’s strong enough to chew, yet thin enough to harden quickly and blend with your natural tooth.

After curing the resin with a special light, it is refined and polished. Patients new to tooth bonding are often skeptical that their tooth will look just the same. Until they look in the mirror! They can’t believe they’re looking at the same tooth!

Call us at our Clinton Township dental office at 586.463.8635 if you’re in Clinton Township or surrounding areas such as Dearborn and Sterling Heights. Drs. Sophia and Alex Masters both have the expertise and artistry to create tooth bonding that is attractive and functional.