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Custom-Made Dentures in Clinton Township

added on: March 5, 2013
Masters Family Dentistry in Clinton Township

Are you not able to eat certain foods? Do you avoid social situations? It’s devastating emotionally and physically to lose all of your teeth. More importantly, without teeth, we lose the support they give the face and the bones underneath begin to deteriorate. Eventually, that process causes wrinkles and sagging skin. These symptoms can only get worse as time passes and dentures become outdated.

The American Dental Association states that, “As you age, your mouth naturally changes, which can affect the fit of the denture. Your bone and gum ridges can recede or shrink, resulting in a loose-fitting denture.” We recommend that patients come to us for yearly evaluations and that dentures be replaced or adjusted as soon as they become loose, which could be as often as every five years.

More than Traditional Dentures

Dentures continue to be an option for people who have lost all their teeth – but ours are not just any dentures. These are dentures created for an appearance that is much more like nature intended. We even offer implant-retained dentures for the ultimate in security and fit. And because we have an on-site lab, you will never have to go without your smile!

The Benefits of an On-Site Lab

Our on-site lab allows us to completely customize your denture experience. We can create custom dentures to our very exacting specifications. It also means that you never have to wait for days to have your dentures repaired or relined.

What Makes Custom-Made Dentures Different

The precision dentures we offer, and our attention to detail, allow for the best possible fit to relieve some of the discomfort and chewing fatigue that can occur with most dentures. These dentures also look more like your natural teeth because of their translucency and the delicate layering and artful shading.

Implant-Retained Dentures

If you are relying on denture adhesives and want more security in your smile, we have a great solution – implant-retained dentures! These dentures are the most naturally functioning denture option we offer. They require no adhesives and allow you to eat, speak and laugh with total confidence. Your dentures will simply snap onto dental implants for less irritation or abrasion to the gums. In most cases, the implants can be placed here in our own office, or when needed, we can refer you to one of our stellar team of specialists. The implant posts and our dentures work together to preserve bone and keep your facial structure more youthfully supported. You won’t believe how comfortable they feel – or how great you’ll look!

If you need dentures, or aren’t happy with your current dentures, please call our Clinton Township dental office at 586.463.8635 if you’re in Clinton Township or surrounding areas such as Dearborn and Sterling Heights. We’re proud of the dentures we create for our patients, and want them to be proud of their smiles!